Hangul Sendmail Archive

Hangul sendmail is Korean-localized version of sendmail 8.6.12 by Eric Allman. It encodes incoming mails from local system into ISO-2022-KR before sending them over the network, and decodes inbound mails from the network before they are passed to local mailer to be added to users' mailboxes.

Please read README for more information about it. (It's written in Korean)

There is also a bin

precompiled binaries
sample configurations for each platforms
Localized version of elm2.4, which does speak Hangul compatible MIME
Sources for the localized sendmail. This tar file includes the following files from ucb release; sendmail.8.6.12.base.tar.Z, sendmail.8.6.12.cf.tar.Z, sendmail.8.6.12.misc.tar.Z, and sendmail.8.6.12.xdoc.tar.Z
untarred hierarchy of sendmail sources
the original ucb version

Woohyung Choi


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+82-42-869-5554 (fax)

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Department of Computer Science
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